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When you gotta go, you gotta go

Travel, ah!, what a wonderful experience until the call of nature beckons, then it's lifeboats away and everyman (and woman) for themselves. It seemed like each country incorporated this little necessity of life in it's own interminable way which made for cautions by our guide, puzzled looks from each of us on occasion and even a little tap dancing during desperate times. So it's first things first, which means finding the blasted buggers in the first place. Sometimes you just had to follow the signs.

Sign of the times

Italy sign France

Of course not everything is as it seems, for example sometimes it's not so simple to simply flush. Button

The ubiquitous "WC", as it is usually known, comes in many variations, and with many accessories.

Urinal Harleem Urinal Germany No seat Dispenser Auto-clean Towels Washing feet