Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

Rome, where "Et tu Brute?" comes to life

When we were younger, much younger than today, a teacher told us about ancient Rome. How hollow those words, "the glory and grandeur that was Rome" rang as we sat in that boring history class. Never again. Now we know what those historians and teachers were trying to convey. Now we know what the term, all roads lead to Rome, means. Sure, our country has monuments and marble buildings, but the Romans had them 2000 years ago. Where would we be today if the dark ages, courtesy of those intellectually bankrupt leaders after the fall of Rome, hadn't of intervened.

A Colosseum and a fig leaf

Colosseum Fig leaf

Visiting Rome helps you realize that all that was great was not alway good. It brings you face to face with the fact that each subsequent culture imposes its own mores, not only on itself, but also on what has preceded it

The photo that gave us the idea for our scrapbook. A guide that could sleepwalk through the tour?


Not hardly, a guide that wanted only the very best for everyone and was willing to pause and collect his thoughts rather than just ramble on. Benben, you're the best.

Ancient ruins, the line at the Vatican, chariot wheel ruts, world class museums, the grave of Julius Caesar, all the while staying at the Hotel Sonia

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