Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

Bacharach, searching for the "Back Door"

It rolls along, churning and tossing, set within towering cliffs, bristling with ancient castles. It gave birth to a term that is still used today, robber barons. Much of the economy of Germany courses along with its currents or rides the rails beside its banks. Its towns are old, older than the hills, yet the people are modern in outlook. Walk up to a castle, cruise down its waters. The Rhine, it runs through the heart of industrial Germany, but there is also Bacharach and St Goar, places which open the curtain on centuries past.

River and Religion

Boat Church

Bacharach, the original backdoor. Old world charm enclosed within a city wall. A hotel only feet from one of the busiest railroad tracks in the world. City streets widened by Napoleon and traversed by American tanks. A special place with special people, a place to return, again and again.

Not every moment of a tour guide's day is spent talking and interacting with the members of their tour. Sometimes you just need to have fun and simply make a fool of yourself. That's when a picture is truly worth a thousand words.


What do you want to bet Ben never considered that his long, lanky frame might not readily fit through Herr Jung's temporary "backdoor".

The original backdoor, Herr Jung, clocks and castles, a typical "picnic" lunch, Riesling wine, and don't forget the Hotel Krankenturm

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