Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

Cinque Terra

One of the tenets of a Rick Steves tour is to "vacation from your vacation", and Cinque Terra is the perfect spot to do it. Descend a narrow mountain road packed with hairpin turns and excited Italian drivers yelling and shaking their fist at the bus. The first glimpse of the sun drenched Mediterranean, a sight far more spectacular than any brochure can convey. Relax, absorb, unwind, enjoy, fraternize, meditate, succumb to a simple fate, live Life with a capital "L".

To Go Is To Know

Beach Cook

Turn 22 Americans who have been touring for two weeks loose on 5 villages in Italy and what do you get? Probably about the same thing as turning 1000's of Europeans loose for their summer holiday.

Ben may have been our guide, but unfortunately he was blessed with 22 leaders in search of a follower. That meant that we didn't always pay attention to what we trying to impart to us. Ben, with his back to us, is trying to tell us something important, but it's Cinque Terra, we want to party, the heck with his explanation of where the nude beaches are. Ben

Monterosso was a place for FOOD, party time, relaxation and a little bit of sleep at the Hotel Punta Mesco

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