Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

München, finding good times and unspeakable horrors

Munchen, or Munich, a town that is almost always associated with one thing in the American mind, Oktoberfest. Of course when you are there in July, some of the festivities are lacking, but the Hofbrauhaus and other establishments of that ilk which have been imprinted in our minds are still there to be enjoyed. But this area has other associations, places where the horrors of the past stare us in the face and ask us questions that we have no way of answering.

If we can make laws, then so can they. So its how those laws are used and who they are used against that matters.

Gate Statue

Never again, never again. But then again, what if someone wants to take away what we have? What would we do to keep it? Do we repeat the horrors of the past, a step at a time, or do we rise above what has gone on before? As always, there are far more questions than answers, but even so, will we ever learn that might doesn't make right?

"Ben may have looked young, but he was wise beyond his years. The tricks he used to let us experience the true culture of the regions we visited became legendary as the tour progressed. One of his favorites was to play classical music composed in that locality. He always came back to the rear of the bus to learn if the volume was loud enough. As time went on we learned the best answer was always, "YES", as It allowed us to do our own thing.Sleep

Lunch and more at Hofbrauhaus, Time for some decompression. A railroad siding. An iron gate. Electrified fences. A simple memorial stone. Memories to last a lifetime.

lunch building market siding gate fence barracks marker