Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

Rothenburg really rhymes with Romantic Road

A time warp, medieval days come to life. Feasting on a Schneeball. Walking with the reincarnation of the grim reaper. A museum dedicated to crime and punishment. Sleeping inside the ancient town walls. Enjoying a breakfast fit for a King. Drinking a dunkle under the trees. Another town that brings history to life.

Schneeballs and clock watching

Italy sign France

Maybe your first clue that this town is going to be different is when you pass through the doorway into town. The second is the large group of people standing in front of the clock tower waiting for the show to begin. Want a snack? Try a schneeball, one of those things you'll either hate or love.

Ben, as always, did his very best to be the epitome of professionalism


All the same, occasionally a cute girl just might turn his head. Of course whenever anyone mentioned Rome, he was always quick to point out, it was a great city, but even more so because that was where his girlfriend lived. Lucky girl!!!

World famous wooden carvings, medieval life, the night watchman and a visiting wench, top it off with a biergarten under the trees and a stay at the Hotel Gerberhaus

carving crime wall watchman beer hotel