Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

The Netherlands, let the fun begin

The Netherlands, aka, Holland, Hans Brinker, canals, silver skates, wooden shoes and windmills. It hardly resembled the land in the story books, though there certainly were canals galore and the buildings were definitely not what we were used to in California. Heck, California is younger than most of the buildings we were looking at. Schiphol airport where the signs were all in English, yet undoubtedly we were in a foreign country. Our adventure was about to begin.

Strangers and strange signs

First meeting Schedule

Twenty-two people, assembled together in the breakfast room of a Haarlem hotel. Introductions, the attempt to remember names. First threads formed that would grow into strong bonds

"I'm Ben Cameron and I'll be spending the next three weeks making sure you enjoy the very best of Europe." Now maybe those weren't the exact words the future Benben spoke the first time we met him, but little did we know that would be exactly what would take place over the 21 days the 22 of us would spent together Ben

One room wide buildings, flowers, "coffee houses", canals and a bridge to 21 fun filled days together, and 2 nights at the Ambassador Hotel

Coffe shop flowers bridge shoe wash windmill building canal hotel