Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

Austria, the little land that could

A country somewhere in Europe. Didn't it have something to do with the start of the World War I. How many times has it been confused with that continent in the southern hemisphere. On the other hand, who can deny the grace of a Viennese Waltz, the beauty of mountains carpeted with edelweiss, the sight of a mad King's fairytale castle, or hills that are alive with the sound of music.

Christianity and Castles

Castle Church

Rainy weather, a small church that rivals many cathedrals, a mad King and a look alike Disney's castle. Austria, a country with unexpected pleasures

What do you mean you've never ridden a luge, don't you ever watch the Olympics? We were most dubious of Ben's glowing tales of thrills and chills, but when you're a guide, you guide, and with aplomb far exceeding his years he introduced us to places we never imagined Ben

Edelwiess, snails after a rainstorm, waiting till the cows come home, a meal with friends and the Maximillian hotel

edelweiss castle snail luge cows meal hotel