Ben Ben
Brings Us Europe

Switzerland, Land of lakes and Alps

Land of waterfalls, land of mountains, land of snow, land of green, land which my forebears called home. Riding on a cable car, hiking a wanderweg, feeling the roar of a waterfall inside a mountain, the amazing wonder of it all. French, Italian, and German, all for one and one for all. Deep Alpine lakes, high mountain passes, lush pastures and narrow lanes, we needed to experience it all. Switzerland, a country that has it all.

What wonders hath water wrought?

Alps Waterfall

The Swiss Alps. We hear, read and see images of them. Still we were not prepared for the stunning beauty that greeted us around every corner and the question arose, why did my ancestors leave this place for America? It is of course unanswerable, it is also a great reason to travel.

Ben Ben was always pushing us ever so gently out of our comfort zone. Rather than do it for us, he would provide us with an explanation then send us off on our own to explore. There were some times when, rather than tells us what to do, he showed us. Maybe this one had something to do with the best tasting fondue any of us had ever tasted.

What is there to say, Alps, Alps, Alps, cows, yogurt, cable cars, picnic lunches, and let's not forget Hotel Stechelberg

alps farmers falls cows cable car cowbells picnic yogurt hotel