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I admit to having real difficulties coming up with a title for this article, partly because it has been so long since I last wrote something for the home page, and also because I really don't know what to call what follows. I know that words of wisdom it isn't, but why let that little fact get in the way of an eye catching title.

Over the years I have quoted poetry and the occasional song lyrics in the Daily Journal, something I've gotten away from in the last year or so. A couple of days ago I was trying to recall a certain verse of poetry, and try as I might, I couldn't even remember enough of it to do a Google search. But what it did was get me to thinking about what has come before on these pages, and I present the following efforts on my part in which I tried to add a little something to the Daily Journal in days past.

Oh, what a day.
Late April back in '06.
What a very special time for us,
'Cause we remember what a day.

That appeared in April 2006, and was my very first effort at trying to come up with something "different." Not too original, and there is no way the words I used go with the melody. Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is mine. Oh, and it shouldn't be too hard to guess the original song.

It's the sweetest thing we know of,
just spending time with you
it's the little things that make a house a home.
Like a furnace softly running
and breakfast on the stove.
And the light in the window that makes me warm.

Hey, it's good to be back home again
Sometimes this old coach
feels like a long lost friend
Yes, 'n, hey it's good to be back home again

In November of 2006 I penned that one, a definite improvement over that first attempt. I don't remember, but it probably took all those months to gain my courage back to try it again. It is changed a good deal from the original song, but if you picked up the melody, the original likely came to you.

It's a sign of the times
That your love of shopping is getting so much stronger
It's a sign of the times
And I know that I won't have to wait much longer

You've changed a lot somehow from the one who used to shop with me
For when you go with me now, you've finally learned you've got spend a "C"
It's a sign of the times
That I call you up whenever I feel you've got money
It's a sign of the times
That you tell yourself that I'm your dear sweet honey

I'll never understand why you married me
But when I want more money, I know you couldn't hold it back from me
Maybe my lucky star, at least, decided to shine
Maybe I learned to shop when I found you didn't like to dine

I'll never understand the way you married me
But when I ask you for money, I know you couldn't hold it back from me
Maybe my lucky star, at least, rose high in the sky
Maybe somebody knows I'll love you till the day I die

It's a sign of the times
That you shop with me now as if you really mean it
It's a sign of the times
And a year ago, I never could have seen it

Don't ever change your mind and stop livin' this away
Just leave the past behind and, Bobby, only think of how it is today

It's a sign of the times
It's a sign of the times

January 2007 brought a new year and also the above epic attempt to put the Quartzsite shopping experience in a different light. I think I was proud of it at the time, but today I see that real song writers have nothing to fear. Each of us paddle the canoe of Life our own way, sometimes smoothly gliding through the water, and other times practically dipping the gunwales into the water as the canoe lurches from side to side. As for me, I'll take being in that lurching canoe any day, rather than standing on the shore wishing I had the guts to be out there on the water.

Just in case: Frankie Valli; John Denver; Petula Clark.

I realize that this is definitely not a normal Because We Can home page article, but just think how boring life would be if the only thing on TV were infomercials. My Mother the Car, Viva Laughlin, The Paul Reiser Show, just think that without them we wouldn't know what good TV actually was. And if you object, just remember that not every speech of Lincoln's is as well remembered as the Gettysburg Address. Meaning all we great writers have an off moment or two. Or more.

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Bob & Linda