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Wednesday October 19, 2016

A Getting Ready to Leave Day


The view from the front is the one we see most winter's, it being the vacant lots across from us at Retama. Yes we are back down in the Rio Grand Valley once again, but why are we here when it is in the upper 90's with the humidity not a great deal lower?


Time to be heading out on another adventure, this time to Easter Island and Patagonia. As has been my wont to do on past trips, there will hopefully be daily posts highlighting our adventures and whatever it was that I did to perturbe Linda that day. Soon in the Doghouse Bob. In case anyone actually still reads my musings, let me remind you of our travel blogger page


We leave on Friday and will be gone for a month. It fulfills a lifelong dream we both have held, a visit to Easter Island, even if for only three days at the beginning of the trip. One heads up on the blogger posts, I will be using my Tab to do the posting via the Blogger App for Android. It has one major quirk in that you can not intersperse the photos and the writing. All writing is at the beginning, all photos at the end. One does what one can. This is an experiment to see if we can leave the netbook home. Depending on how well it works there may be a Microsoft Surface in my future. One other speed bump on the road to blogging nirvana is the potential lack of internet access at some of the places we will be staying. We so enjoyed our OAT tour of Australia and New Zeland last fall, we decided to do another one. This time to somewhere near the ends of the earth.


I have been putting a few test posts up the blogger page and then deleting them. The post for tomorrow, Thursday, will be the first actual one, and I will put it up Thursday evening. Then since we fly overnight to Santiago, the one for Friday should post on Saturday morning after we arrive. That is, if everything goes according to plan. Befuddled Blogger Bob.



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