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Travel Time 2016


Once one gets out of the habit of writing on a regular basis it is so easy to to fall into the habit of not writing at all. This is another in my very occasionally attempts at resurrecting my want to write and infusing it with my will to write which will hopefully result in my actually writing, even if on an intermittent basis.

At least I did write about our fall trip to the South Pacific and our winter trip to Norway, even if it was at where we post when we travel overseas.

Now that spring is well upon us, and with it the heat and humidity of our part of the Rio Grand Valley, we are going to heading out for our summer travels. We have some general travel plans and only one fixed thing we have to do, which by the way is the reason we are taking our once every 5 year trip east across the Mississippi. May 28th is when Linda will be celebrating her big Five O, plus we have numerous cemeteries, libraries and courthouses to visit as part of our genealogy hobby. This time we are going to take gps photos of all those grave markers and buildings that pertain to our family histories.

The general plan is to head directly to Ohio, then zig-zag around Ohio, dip down into Kentucky, meander through Indiana, head up to Michigan ending up in the Upper Peninsula, then hitting Minnesota if we have time (we have a fall trip to South America in October) before returning to the Rio Grand Valley. Add in the fact that if we end up with spare time we may detour through salt Lake City on our way back south, and you can see we really don't have much of an idea as to what we are going to do.

Now if I could just remember to write about what we are doing and do that on a somewhat irregularly regular basis it would make for the perfect summer.

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