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Funny how we get into ruts as we live life. All those years of getting up at an ungodly early hour to either catch a plane to who knows where or to get things done in the office before all "H" broke loose. Looking back they were just a way of avoiding what I really wanted to do in life. They were more comfortable than reaching out for that dream.

Now we live a dream, or at least one of the dreams of many people who have reached that place in life where they are really looking for Life. Yet we still don't even begin to know what we can do. Sure we have been on the road for 5 years, including having spent extended periods of time in Europe, Mexico and Alaska. But it almost seems at times that we live in a rut just as we did in our former life.

It was something we hadn't done before that made the difference. Christmas is always a special time, and even though we had children and grandchildren, we had chosen to spend all the Christmas's for the past five years by ourselves. Well not exactly by ourselves, but away from our family.

This past Christmas we flew back to where our family lives, all of them having stayed quite close to where they grew up while mom and dad left. Yet it wasn't the joy of spending time with them that broke us out of our rut, it was what we did with them.

Who would believe that a computer game could have such an affect. Wii-eee, did we ever have a great time playing and losing to everyone. Mom and dad were just no good at whatever it was that was played. Yet we found out it wasn't how you did, it was that you simply did.

We left with a joy that we had never expected to have, and soon we had a Wii of our own. A new monitor for Linda, a new TV for the coach, and now a new computer for Bob. We also have a Trav'ler DirecTV dish up on the roof, and a tire that goes flat about every two days.

The latter mentioned just to point out that Life hasn't changed, just the way we look at it. How easy it is to fall into a rut. Every winter some people go to the same place, do the same things and enjoy the time. Others are off to new places, in search of things never seen or experienced. Each is happy in their own way.

Yet each is in a rut, even if they don't think they are. Sure they are happy, but exacly what is the difference from what they are doing and working the same job year after year? I once worked for a man who was fond of telling everyone that his job was to push each of us out of our comfort zone. It was during that time that I grew in ways I never could have imagined.

These past few months we have done the same thing in our lives, pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone. The result, we are enjoying Life more than we ever could have imagined. Think about it. How different would your life be if you were forced out of your comfort zone? Is it life, or Life?

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