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A Problem Fixed?


Not the usual homepage article, but one that address what has been a problem, or at least I hope it does. Right at the end of July it looks like something happened to our server, possibly when we upgraded our service with our ISP. The result was that even though I was writing and posting the Daily Journal every day, the update wasn't showing on my browser.

At first I thought it was just a problem with my browser, and by using Ctl F5 it refreshed the page to show what I had posted to the server. Then Linda started having the same problem, but as with the Firefox I use, she could refresh her IE9 the same way and see the update. Once again I was thinking this was a localized problem just with us. Really it was the old, better to bury your head in the sand than face was happening.

Then today, August 8, 2011, we received a very nice email from a reader saying they missed my daily musings because I hadn't posted anything new since late July. Uh-oh, not good at all I say, as my head pops out of the sand and I begin to furiously rub my eyes to rid then of all the grit. A quick check of the Internet comes up empty, but Linda is like a pit bull that has its teeth clamped on the non-refreshing webpage problem.

She sits over there, doing search after search but not coming up with a solution. Meanwhile I sit at my computer, listening to her when suddenly the right terms for the Google search I have been trying to do pops into my head. It was really because of everything she was trying, I just put the right phrase together, and presto there was the likely solution on my screen in the form of a forum question that had a solution that I could understand.

Actually it was two solutions, one a quick fix I could do, and a second fix that our ISP could do, if our problem was the same as the one in the forum post, which by all appearances it was. I added a line to the .htaccess file on the server and like magic both Linda and I were seeing the updated webpage without resorting to Ctl F5. Hopefully this has fixed the problem for any readers out there who were not seeing the new Daily Journal post that I was diligently writing and posting everyday. And if it isn't, then I shall have to dig deeper for a solution.

As a sidelight to all this, this past week I have started reading about how to punctuate dialogue, and have also begun to make each segment of dialogue a new line. New paragraphs like dialogue should have may come in the future, but one thing at a time for now. Readers probably know how much I enjoy writing about our travels featuring Linda's and my interaction from the "Bob" perspective. Hopefully we are now back on track with the Daily Journal posts showing as they should. I'll end by saying that as you might guess, my worst subject in school was English, simply because I never could remember all those rules for punctuation, and as far as diagraming sentences, I was a total dunce, and I haven't gotten any better with age.

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