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Plotting the Course


Everyone travels differently. Or at least they say they do. RV forums are a great place to be exposed to many different ideas about the RV Lifestyle. There you will find something about everything RVing, from what pots and pans to use to which RV park has the least friendly desk staff and anything in between which even remotely pertains to being an RVer, whether you RV once in your lifetime or spend decades as a fulltimer.

One aspect that always gives me a chuckle are the threads that deal with the different ways fulltimers make their travel plans. While I can fully understand those who plan ahead and reserve favorite RV spots, I have a little problem with those who say they flip a coin at intersections, or if it is bad weather they just move on to good weather.

Take the coin flipping for example. They either spend all their time driving on Interstates, or they travel just a few miles a day. Next time you are out driving around, stop and flip a coin at every intersection you come to. I can understand it to mean that they really don't know exactly where they are going, but please spare us the lie of the coin flip. Besides, everyone will think better of you if you are honest about how you travel.

The same can be said about changing plans because of the weather, the RV parks in an area, and a number of other things one might want to avoid. We have all probably done something like this to a degree at times, but please, let's be realistic and not make the brains of those yet to join the ranks of fulltimers even mushier than they already are.

What brought this one was Linda sitting in front of her computer this afternoon, coming up with a number of potential stops as we head towards California when we leave Retama. Suffice it to say that we don't know when we are leaving, though it will be soon after the coach house work is completed for this year.

She was looking at the list of Texas State Parks, the ones we haven't visited before, and was also keeping in mind our niece and her son are going to be in Corpus near the end of the month. Yes, I know Corpus isn't west of here, but special people sometimes mean special travel plans, the timing being right.

Who knows if we will actually follow the course Linda has plotted out. It was just two summers ago when we were heading to the Maritimes, that we took a sharp left turn and ended up spending the entire summer in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In this year's case we are heading to California because there are granddaughters' softball games and a grandson's track meets to watch.

Flip coin? Not us. Change our plans? Maybe or maybe not. Live our lives on the road? You bet. It doesn't matter how you do it, what matters is that you do it. Be it for just weekends, maybe for a week or two on vacations, perhaps for several months at a time, possibly for a season, or even for years, if nothing else, it will make memories that will last for the rest of your Life. Safe travels.

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