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A Minty Fresh New Website!

And so it has happened, as was foretold by the lack of daily updates over the past month; I have finally broken down and created a new look to the website, or have at least taken the first few steps towards achieving that end, smile. My intention is to carry this look through all the pages of the website. Believe me, no one is more impatient than yours truly for this to happen, but since we are reminded that patience is a virtue, and also Bob is the same forwards and backwards, it will take time and will, no doubt, not be a smooth process. However, rather than wait until some unknown date in the future when I could have all the link pages updated and everything looking perfect, I decided to just let this creation open like a flower, one petal at a time.

I will state right up front that the new look is not my own design. I view my genius in this matter as knowing where to find the design, rather than knowing how to design. For those few of you who might be interested in knowing where it came from, I can only give all the credit to the wonderful Ruthsarian. You can check out his website here.

So How Do I Navigate This Creation?

You don't have to. You really don't have to do anything special to find your way around. But, for what it's worth, the follow will give a brief run down of what is where.


The old one, the one with the big photo's that served only as a way of getting you to the index page, where you had to select another page to actually read anything has met the fate it so richly deserved and is no more. If you yearn for that old fossil, it still exists and you can find it here.


Just as in the old site, this one will also have NEWSFLASHES, but instead of being at the top of the index page they are in the upper right hand column of this new home page.


That old table based index just didn't cut it anymore and has been replaced by the menu in the upper left column of the new page design. The intent is to have the links on all the main pages. Time will tell how successful I will be at achieving that goal, smile.Trying to make the site more user friendly, I have put four basic links at the top of the page, Home, Today's Journal, Where we are and Who We are. I think I have it all figured out so that it will always be current (providing I enter the current data) until I inevitably fall behind on the daily journal just like I have lately. And to think how I promised to myself I keep current when I got caught up at the beginning of the month. If wishes were fishes I'd have more than the sea.


They actually work and not only that, if it ain't there, there ain't none of this coming soon riga-ma-roll that really means as soon as cows sprout wings. Maybe we got truth in advertising or something, lol.

Let me sum up by saying I have tried a large number of various designs over the past few months and I believe this one represents the best of most worlds. Not perfect, but at least moving in that direction. Speaking of moving in the right direction, there is a font switcher at the bottom of the left column menu. Very useful to my fellow senior citizens who have eyesight problems similar to mine. With just a click of the mouse you can make the letters as big as they used to be, lol.

Anything Else

Nope. If you're looking for more on this page you may be having masochistic tendencies, but I must admit that every once in a while I surprise myself with just how good I can write. (I believe that is termed "Delusions of Grandeur", lol.)

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