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Maybe I should start out with something like "Lost but Now Found" as the title to this home page article. Or maybe I should hang my head in shame for not posting during the past far too many months. But I won't. After all, I did post almost everyday during our trip to the south pacific this past fall, even if it was on the blogger site. (It's just far easier posting to blogger when we travel and I have a very limited amount of time to write these posts.)

Since the above is not a start, only an excuse, what follows is the real start. Well this last, far too long hiatus from writing is finally over, so readers will see postings on the Life of Bob and Linda one again. That is, any readers that might remain. One word of caution however, the days of me never posting, or doing the exact opposite and posting every day are over. My modest goal in this reincarnation of the Because We Can Daily Journal is to post at least several times a week. There may be more posts, but I will do my best to make sure there are at least two every week.

Since we are currently not traveling, rather staying on our RV lot in the Rio Grand Valley, there isn't a lot to post about, and I don't want to bore readers with a bunch of Bob said, Linda said posts, most of which revolves around me not doing what She Who Commands, commanded, and therefore getting into trouble. I wish there was a lot more restaurant meals, meeting up with traveling friends and many stores we shop at like many of the RV blogs talk about, because then I'd be able to write about all those exciting things. Additionally, something tells me readers don't want to know about the hours I spend researching my family genealogy and all the interesting and oftentimes completely unexpected things I uncover. I've thought about writing a genealogy blog, but there is barely enough hours in the day to post a couple of Daily Journals a week, so scratch that.

I have probably bored anyone reading this half to death so I'll make this the end. Hope you all enjoy what will be coming as much as I enjoy writing. (When I write, that is.)

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