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Back when I first started posting about our travels I had decided I didn't want to have it be just a blog, nor did I want to use one of the "services" that people were using, such as MyTripJournal. I wanted to learn how to use HTML and CSS, or at least learn how to modify them to make a more unique website. It was and continues to be fun, with some parts of it being a whole lot more fun than others.

Lately the mantra of "just do it" has carried me for many months of Daily Journal articles, even during the times when I really didn't feel like writing. Some time ago, during one of my periodic hiatuses from writing, Linda started writing her own blog about our travels. It was to let people know what we were doing during those intervals when I wasn't posting. Over time her blog has taken on a life of its own, and has become more than just her original stated goal of being, "...a "Cliff Note" version of Bob's journal...".

She chose Blogger as the means of getting her words and photos out onto the world wide web, and it has worked well for her. She has done almost everything herself, especially since I don't know much of anything about Blogger. Over the ensuing months she has tweaked it in various ways, and I will say it is a very well set up site with a somewhat different viewpoint than Because We Can. She uses a program called LiveWriter to write her blog, and while she seems to start writing after I do, she always has it posted to the Internet long before I finish the day's Daily Journal.

Just to interrupt, I am not going where this looks like it is leading, so don't think that Because We Can is going to be changing. Far from it, but I would like to update parts of the website that have been long neglected or need to be refreshed as time permits over the next couple months. But, (there's always a but) there is something I have been wanting to try , and that is what this all about.

For some time now I have been developing a companion site to Because-We-Can on Blogger, one where I can repost the Daily Journal, and only the Daily Journal. I have tried to design it to somewhat resemble this website, which was the fun part. It still has a long way to go, though where it is now, after testing it for a few months, is good enough for me even if I don't add anything more. I can't even say for sure why I did it, though maybe it's because I get jealous at times of all the comments Linda gets on her blog since Blogger makes it so easy to comment. Developing it has also made Linda feel good, as she has had to tutor me in the art of doing things on Blogger. I guess that makes it a win-win in more ways than one.

If you're interested in taking a look at it, here is the link.

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