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Does it really matter?


Does it really matter if:
You do or don't have multiple slides in your RV?
Your cabinets are of real wood or a composite?
You have a toad or not?
You overnight at WalMart on occasion?
You buy a new RV or a used one?
You flip your axles?
You have a washer/dryer in your RV?
You live your RV life through RV blogs?

It is obvious that there is no one correct answer for any of those questions. And what really matters is not that you ask some of those questions of yourself, it is what you do with that answer. In a number of these homepage articles the idea of why we do what we do has been explored, which is what we are doing once again.

Linda and I have some ideas as to where we would like to travel, and we put those down in the section that is so aptly called Future Travels. Our travels in 2011 were planned around one single must do commitment, attending Linda's High School Reunion back in Ohio. Every five years since she graduated she has attended that time honored celebration of aging and fading memories. In fact our very first few months of full timing were spent traveling from the west coast to Ohio for her last reunion in 2006.

When we looked at this year, we knew that come the last weekend in May, we would be in southeastern Ohio. That gave us the opportunity to winter in Texas, and head north along the Mississippi in the early spring. Buying out lot in Retama Village altered those plans slightly, but other than preventing us from spending time in the Mississippi/Alabama gulf coast area, not much was changed, and besides, did it really matter?

Then there was the decision for Linda to fly back to California in mid April and watch our special needs grandson while our daughter and her family went on a cruise, which is the only "vacation" our daughter gets all year. That had no significant affect on our plans other than staying in one place for some two and a half weeks. It means I get to enjoy the Natchez, Vicksburg and Jackson area, with all it has to offer, plus, did it really matter?

We could have gone back together, though at first Linda's was going back for a much shorter period of time, which just kept getting added to day by day. We live a few feet apart most of the time, and the prospect of having some time apart went into deciding that Linda would go back of the extended time and I stay with the coach, and besides, did it really matter?

Our plans after the reunion were to spend some time with Linda's sister in southwestern Ohio, then head north toward Michigan to visit our good friends and fellow full timers, John and Judy. Then it was to swing east traveling to the Canadian Maritimes and spending the remainder of the summer and early fall there. After that it would be a leisurely trip down the Atlantic seaboard during the fall and early winter, ending up in Florida till next spring.

Now it is looking like we will be foregoing the Maritimes, most likely spending that time in Ontario and Quebec, with a possible short trip over to the New England area. The rest of our future travels remain unchanged, but does it really matter?

This article began by asking a series of questions, questions that I can't answer, yet the type of questions that are posed over and over in the RV forums. Answers from others abound, from one end of the spectrum to the other and hopefully they help the person who originally asked the question make some type of decision. But after all these meanderings I will leave you with this thought. All that really matters is that each of us in the RV world enjoy ourselves in whatever it is that we want to do. So what is it that doesn't really matter to you?

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