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Some Things Never Change

Help, I need some money,
But not just any money,
Help, don't you know I need more money.

When I was younger, far younger than today,
I never needed everyone's help the way I do today.
But now those days are past, even tho I thought they'd last,
With my smile no longer there, I'm not so self assured
Now I find my bundle gone and the collector at the door.

Help me if you can, I've been beaten down
Oh how I want to hear that clicking sound.
Help me, I don't want to be pump-out bound,
Won't you please, please help me?

And now my life has changed in oh so many ways,
My independence will vanish unless Google pays.
So now I'll ask you more and more,
Click away like you've never done before.

One might observe that there is a seeming endless series of pleadings on some blogs for readers to click away and hence, make money for the owners of those sites. In addition there are some which almost beg you to come to their rally, or put in the good word at other events so they will be invited to speak, i.e., make money.

Once I too was far younger, much younger than today, at least in terms of understanding this Life we have now lived for over four years. While resisting many of those carny barker's beckonings, we did occasionally nibble at the hook. Now as the years have rolled by we can see that their serene calls never end.

I don't question the desire that people have to live this Life of freedom. Neither do I question the need for some to use their websites to generate income to finance their venture. What I do question is the almost unending barrage of beggary from a small number of those sites. It seems somewhat incongruent that those who were outstanding in their chosen field, or those that were highly successful in business or those who obtained professional degrees would not make use of their exceptional talents to find an inventive way of producing income. One they could then write about and share with their readers.

After all is said and done, aren't we all doing this for the very same reason, to live the Life we want to live. For some it may be a pause in regular life, either voluntary or mandated by unforeseen circumstances. For others it it may be the culmination of a long held dream.

There are more reasons than could be listed for why we, who live this Life, chose to follow this path, the proverbial footloose and fancy free path. So why do some want to erect garish billboards and toll booths along it. There are others who will always read those billboards and unhesitating pay those tolls. That doesn't make them wrong, but neither does it make for fewer billboards or toll booths.


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Bob & Linda