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Traveling in Europe and Short Posts

On March 30th of this year - 2009 - we left on an extended trip to Europe, our second consecutive year of travel in many of those countries. Last year we found it extremely difficult to write the Daily Journal in the style that we would like, and so due mainly to that, there were only two posts during the entire 7 weeks we spent in Europe.

With us going back again this year for almost 16 weeks, and traveling in areas where Internet connections will occasionally be few and far between, We are going to try something different. For our own memories we are going to do our darnedest to write at least a little something each and every day. We may not be able to upload the posts to the server everyday, but I do want to write at least a little something. We will also try to have photos of what appealed to us, but without the lengthy descriptions which are so time consuming.

Then, when we do have a connection those Daily Journals can be uploaded. We're writing this as much for ourselves, as for any readers we may have, so know that this will definitely be a work in progress. As this is being written on the 2nd of April, it is already taking too long to write the Daily Journal, so we will try to begin making changes starting with the post for April 2nd.

To anyone who reads our posts to find out about the RV life, we will be back in the states on July 15th, when our RV adventures will resume. To those who might find some humor in what we write, it will probably still be available on occasion, though don't hold your breath.

Our entire time in Europe will be spent staying in hotels, guesthouses, B and B's, etc, We will not be renting an RV for any of our travels, nor do we plan to rent any cars, instead relying solely on planes, trains, buses and foot power to see and explore Europe from one end to the other.

We already know we can't keep up writing posts like those for March 30th thru April 1st, even though we would really like to continue like that. Linda and I have great fun occasionally going back to some of the old posts and reliving what happened. Life is so short and memories are so precious that we hope that some day after we are gone that our grandchildren and their children can someday read these pages and know that those who went before were just people having fun and living Life with a capital L.

Bob and Linda


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Bob & Linda