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But we Choose to Do It This Way


We have been in what is termed, Amish Country, during the past week and the difference between the two cultures, our modern one and theirs, never fails to amaze anyone who sees it. Horse and buggy for transportation, no electricity, schooling through the eight grade, differences in dress, it goes on and on. Beyond all this is how do they resist all the things of the modern world when it is all around them?

Now move away from that train of thought and onto a nearby parallel track, the track that full timers are on. Don't compare it to the Amish, compare it to the life left behind, the one that neighbors, old friends and relatives continue to live.

Where is our house, our neighborhood, our friends, our church, our local store? To those left behind, are we not in many ways, just as strange in the way we live as the Amish? How can we continue to give up so much when it is all around us?

Sure the Amish don't have TV, but it wasn't that many years ago that no one did, and before that radio, and so on. People didn't just sit around and do nothing, they lived Life, just as we do today. We are happy living our way, and don't need others, outsiders that they are, telling us all that we are missing by having a home on wheels and traveling with the seasons instead of living in a sticks and bricks.

They are happy and we are happy, just as the Amish are happy. Why is it then that people so allow themselves to be influenced by what others think. The old "You won't be happy in that kind of RV, you need this kind of RV" which in reading blogs one finds leads people into the wrong type of RV, the wrong size of RV, or in some cases, into an RV when they never should have sold the house in the first place.

Living this way is a choice, the way we live it is a choice, and the places we go is a choice. So when someone tries to tell you that you should be doing it some other way, that you will never be happy living that way, or that it is a mistake so don't do it, you can always smile and say, "But we choose to do it this way" as you get ready to head down the road to your next adventure.

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Bob & Linda