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Long time readers of Because We Can know that I am prone to taking extended hiatuses from the task on writing everyday on an intermittent, occasional, now and again basis. During this last one, where we ended up becoming in name only Texans, then compounded that error by acquiring property in Texas, becoming real pretend Texans, much of what we did and the reasons behind it were never divulged, particularly since I wasn't writing the Daily Journal at the time, i.e., blogging as most everyone calls it.

Now that a portion of part of our lives is past us, with much still to come, leastwise, Retamawise, we find ourselves asking, did we do ?that?, when did we do ?that?, why did we decide to do ?that?. With ?that? being whatever the subject of the conversation happens to be, which leads to self-flaggelation over the fact that I should have been writing during that entire time.

However that is not what the subject of this Homepage article is actually about, though it is a portion of it. So I will jump right in with both feet and rhetorically ask, what is the number one reason to blog. And since I asked, let me ask a random person in our RV to provide a comment as to what she believes the answer to be.

"To let family and friends know what you are doing, so they can keep up on our lives." The interesting thing is that if you asked most people in the RV blogosphere that same question, you would most likely get the same answer. After all, aren't most blogs, "We met with Dot and Don, went out to eat at Franson's Fabulous Fish Factory where we enjoyed the fantastic french fried flounder and the savory, sea salt sauce. While we were there we saw Ed and Ellen who's RV is in the space behind us at the Precisely Perfect Palms RV Park, so we had some devastatingly delightfully delicious drinks with them. Which is always followed by someone holding a drink that is about the size of a wine barrel.

And in a moment of self examination, I admit to doing the exact same thing on occasion. So with all these RV blogs out there that are not only near copies of one another, but also repetitious almost to the extreme, why do so many people sit down in front of their monitors each day and not only read them, but for many of the "Blogger" blogs, leave comments that only a mother could love?

Now my fellow Americans, let me be perfectly clear (said with poker face and head shaking similar to a former President) this not to demean the masses who do exactly that in their blog, it is to point out that in spite of that, there are hordes of people who still read those blogs. I'm sure that there are some nattering nabobs of negativism who claim that they never read those kinds of blogs, but once again, taking a random sample from those inside our RV, I find not a single person who will say they never read blogs like that.

So just exactly what is the point in this epistolic essay anyways? Why, it is to provide the one true and accurate answer the question posed in the title of this article. It is not to "do something I always wanted to do", nor it "to keep a record of our travels." Its not "to give 'Harold' something to do so he's not always underfoot in this tiny space we live in", nor is it "to let everyone know just how an RVer, fulltimer, snowbird, retiree, etc. lives."

No I think the number one reason to sit down in front of the monitor and write about the what, where, why, when and how of your daily life is just this. So that someone out there, a person you are most likely to never met nor even know about, can sit down in front of their monitor each and everyday and read what you wrote. That they can do this each and every day, and with that small, simple action, connect in a way that we could never have imagined before dawn of the digital age.

You are out there, those who Linda, I, or thousands of others read each day. It is a very exclusive club, one that the giver often labors over in seeming silence, shrieking out, is their anyone out there that hears me. The answer is a loud and resounding, yes we do.

If there ever were to be an RV bloggers serenity prayer, it might be something like this:

Grant me the serenity
to accept that I cannot write everyday;
the courage to press on the keys
even though my mind is a blank;
and the ability to accept the fact
that my wonderful wit and wisdom
are less than I believe them to be;
For I know somewhere in a place far away
there's a person who's joy today may be;
these few words about life the RV way
which with such difficulty, came to me.

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Bob & Linda