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Back from Berlin

It was a little over six weeks ago, in mid July, that we had returned from our second trip to Europe. We had been gone for 110 days, had visited sixteen countries traveling by air, land and water, while discovering there was a way to live in even closer proximity to each other than in a motorhome.

It had been a time to discover new places and new worlds. To sample food and culture that was unknown to us, which were to become our steadfast companions. Speaking of companions, we met people who we look forward to calling our friends years from now, and enjoyed adventures with old friends, times that will never be forgotten.

During our travels we finally were able to visit a city we had inadvertently found ourselves heading towards last year, Berlin, Germany. At that time we wrote a homepage article entitled, Going to Berlin, and if you would like to read it, either now, or after reading this article, here is a link to it.

We discovered that Berlin was far more than a city, it was an entity that was alive. The result was a week which changed our view of what was and what is to come. It was a place where we witnessed the horrors of war, the results of another system of government and a look into the future of what our country might become. It was truly a place that was more than the sum of its parts. It was place we were glad we had visited.

It wasn't the culmination of what we experienced during those days in Europe, rather it was only one of many stops along the way to a better understanding that we are only members of this world and that world does not revolve around the United States. In a small way it was akin to how Copernicus may have felt when he discovered the sun didn't revolve around the earth, rather the earth revolved around the sun.

We travel throughout the USA and have our eyes are opened by places and experiences we never thought about. The same thing happens, yet in a magnified way, when we travel outside our country. It is one of the joys we have, the ability to live Life. It was a wonderful example of the fact it is not the destination, it is the journey. May we all have the opportunity to make such a journey during our lifetime, whether nearby or far away. Whether brief or lengthy. Whether in fact or in our dreams. Life is too brief for anything less.


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