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Where We've Stayed in Winnemucca, Nevada

Model T RV Park, A park associated with the Model T Casino on the west side of Winnemucca. Please note that the accompaning map is not accurate. Mr Gates in his infinite wisdom has placed the Model T Casino & RV Park on the wrong side of US-95.Model T RV Park Which also has someting to do with why I use non-Microsoft products whenever I can anymore. Suffice it to say if you are heading westbound on US-95 (West Winnemucca Blvd) it is a right turn into the RV Park. If you're traveling eastbound, it is a left turn. The park itself is just to the west of the casino. Watch out for the entrance, as there is a significant difference in the height of the street and the RV park. Easy does it is the watchword.

The layout of the park is all pull thru's and they will assign you a site as long as the office is open. The reason is, they have their own unique design for the pull thru sites. Sort of like the lenght of the pull thru is about what the width of the road should be, while the width of the road is about the width the pull thru should have been.

We were advised to pull as far into the site as we could and that it was okay if we stuck out the front and the back. We were assiggned to the outside row facing west. It was easy to see that if we stuck out the back of the site, that would be okay, but if we hung out the front we would be in the narrow road (and actually was rather narrow) that served as the west edge of the RV Park. Plus there was an electric pole and a dumpster across from us. All I could see was someone trying to stay away from these two obstacles and brushing the front of the coach.

Deciding to stop short and not hang out the front of the site, something we later found out everyone parked in our row also did, we unhooked the Explorer. There is a Walmart only a few blocks away if you wany to drive over there. We hooked up and turned on the air conditioner. The park only has 30 amp hookups so we could only run the front air. The casino had a parking area behind it and there were several RV's parked there. We were wanting hookups because of the heat, so were glad to find a spot in the park. We were not alone as the park was completely filled later in the evening. Below are a couple of photo's of our site.

Model T

Model T

As I mentioned, the entrace can be a little confusing. Here is a photo of the entrance sign taken looking west from the park up the street. Watch that offset between the street and the park.

Model T sign

We did learn one thing during our stay and that was we really wouldn't have needed to to stayed at this park if we had known what we learned later in the evening. See the post below for a place to boondock in Winnemucca.

Boondock Site When we stayed at the Model T we were facing a large open area. As it began to get dark we noticed several RV's and tractor trailers pull in and park in that area. We realized at the same time, that when the sun went down the temperature immediately started dropping. Before long it was nice and cool and we no longer needed the air conditioner. We knew then were we would stay if were were ever back thru Winnemucca. There were people in the RV park like us, paying for hookups we really didn't need. There were people boondokking behind the Casino with the roar of semi diesel engines filling the air. Up the street at the Flying J it was the same roar of idling diesels. But immediately across from us, in that large lot it was peaceful, something I found when I walked over there.

To get to it turn off of US 95 into the Model T RV Park just as if you were going to the park. But insteaof stopping at the office, take the road on the far left side of the park, heading towards I-80, then just past the commercial buildings on the left you will see acres and acres of cleared land. That was where and several others boondooked.

Boondock site

Notice the people parked at the Model T RV Park in the background, while the RV at the far left is also boondocking like we are.