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Where We've Stayed in Quartzsite, Arizona

Hi Jolly 14 Day Area        La Posa North LTV

Hi Jolly BLM 14 Day Area, (no website) Is a located about 3 miles north of Quartzsite on the east side of US-95.This a free camping area where you can stay up to 14 days. We used Hi Jolly to begin our Quartzsite experience. There are no designated sites and facilities of any kind. It is just a place in the desert where you can park.

Hi Jolly map

Don't think of this as a sandy desert, it is a rocky desert. Arriving just dark we found it very poorly marked and were unsure of where the entrance was. We turned in a little short, it didn't really matter as the soil is not soil it is hard packed gravel as far as you can see.

Hi Jolly site

One of the problems about going to Quartzsite for the first time is knowing where to camp. The desert is a vast place and there are so many campgrounds and BLM camping areas it difficult to know what you want. We used this BLM area to stay for free our first night, then drove around the following morning and find where we wanted to stay for the remainder of our time in Quartzsite. If you want you can stay for free for up to 14 days and from the look of many of the camping units in the area that was just what many of them planned to do.

Now that's an RV

Just be advised there are no facilities of any type at this area. To get water or dump it is necessary to drive into the town of Quartzsite. The Pit Stop on 95 north of the main intersection is the place everyone seems to go. You will know where it is by the lines of RV's. No fee, 14 day limit. We stayed here in January of 2006.


La Posa North LTVA (LTVA is the acronym for Long Term Vehicle Area) here are four different sections to the LTVA all of which are located south of Quartzsite 95 south of Quartzsite.

La Posa North LTVA
Each with a brown brick Contact Station at the entrance. The they are designated: La Posa North, La Posa West, La Posa South, and La Posa Tyson Wash.

Entrance station

We stayed at La Posa North which is the one directly behind Rice Ranch on the east side of US-95 just south of town, see the map above. This area has more services than the Hi Jolly 14 day area, because it has garbage service, of course that is all that it has. But then does it ever have garbage service, about 15 huge dumpsters worth, but you're SOL if you need water or want to dump your tanks unless you want to either drive down to La Posa south or can in a pump-out service. 

Old Blue pumpout service

You can park anywhere you want, once you've paid your money. We saw lots of groups parked together, just as we say many individuals parked by themselves. It is one really neat place, be prepared for all the dust. We paid $30 for 14 days camping. We camped here in January 2006, and then December of 2006 and January of 2007.