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Thursday November 21 Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico

A Busy Day


The beach was crowded with birds once again this morning. There is another front that is supposed to blow in tonight and it looked like they were already prepared for it.


Not all pelicans are created the same.


Like I said earlier, the edge of the beach was covered with birds.


Maintenance on the slides today. Cleaned the rubber seals and then applied a seal saver product.


I was going to do all the slides but the wind was such that I decided to postpone the two large slides until this weather front passes through in a couple of days. Note my hair in the photo.


The wind blew in this bug that landed on Linda's shirt. No squeals, no get it off, get it off. Just a, there's a bug on me, can you tell what kind it is? I have to believe that when Linda was in grade school it wasn't the boys chasing the girls with bugs trying to scare them, it was Linda holding a bug and chasing the boys. At least she has never tried to do that to me. Yet.


I've mentioned before that the park's garbage truck is usually parked near where our site is located. It's never a problem as the wind always blows at least a few miles an hour and it always blows from us toward where the truck parks. Still there was a problem with the truck today. Trying to open the door.


If it doesn't open with the one hand maybe it will open with the other. He worked and worked to get it open, but nothing seemed to work. Once he looked up and saw me holding the camera and laughed. Of course slow witted Bob didn't think fast enough to take a photo at that moment, but then again, it was my first mistake for the year so it really wasn't that bad.


I don't think he ever got it fixed, because when he drove off the door was partially open, but at least the garbage cans were being emptied. Everybody has problems, it's how we handle them that matters.

Friday November 22 Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico

A Rainy Day


The storm arrived during the night and with it came the rain. This is the first we have had during the month we have been here, so we can live with that. The prediction is also for unseasonably low temperatures with high being in the mid 60's the next few days before returning to the 70's. Guess we could look at it as getting us ready for our trip back up to Oregon.


Some people don't let a little rain keep them from working outside. Some people wash their coach in the rain. Some people do those things but I am not one of the them. Dry Bob.


Pretty sunset tonight with the sky reflected in the water. As you can guess, we stayed inside today. Not every day is a thrill packed adventure.

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