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Thursday July 11 Sacramento, California

Another Day


It has been a long time since this has happened, but during this morning's walk, a massive boulder lodged between Linda's foot and the insole of her left shoe. I can testify that it was indeed huge because when she finally found it and extracted it from her shoe and held it in the palm of her hand, I could actually see it. Luckily no damage was done to her foot and our walk continued after only a slight interruption. I saw her throw it to the side of the road, most likely she was thinking that putting it there would keep any vehicle that struck it from being damaged. I know, I know, I exaggerate. But if you could ever hear her describe a rock in her shoe before she takes it out, you too would think it was a boulder.


Marinated London Broil grilled to perfection. It wasn't skill. The recipe was in the South Beach book, and I just lucked out with the grilling time. Linda contributed a fantastic spinach salad. I'll just say it had avocado and olives among a number of other ingredients and let it go at that. Awesome Linda. Just another of those Great Days living the good Life.

Friday July 12 Sacramento, California

A Different Day


This is to prove that I can start the day without posting a photo of and also writing about our morning walk. Before our walk this morning Linda made tea. Usually I make it from bulk decaffeinated apricot black tea. Linda decided we should try something different today, so outside a container of water and mango black tea bags went to brew all day in the sun. I have already been forewarned not to drink as much in the evening as I normally do. As best I can recall her words were something to the effect that if I keep her up at night because I drank too much caffeine and can't get to sleep, I will wish I hadn't. Non drinking tea in the evening Bob.


We are still fighting whatever it is that makes us tired and causes us to cough. Nothing as bad as caused us to go to the doctor, but enough to take away most of our afternoon energy. It's like it has gotten into our system and just doesn't want to let go. We have a number of things we have to do each day so we can't just do nothing and rest and recover. In a week and a half we will be leaving and heading north, then we may have a chance to just lounge around for a few days. Until then Linda is doing her best to make us better.


It's 95 outside, 77 inside. See what I mean about not feeling the best. One thing I do know and that is: This too shall pass.


How much difference a night makes. I was asleep by 8:30 last night and slept the night through, waking at 5:15. Something happened during those 8 hours and 45 minutes because I felt like old Bob this morning. Not old as in feeling my age, but old as in feeling like the much younger person that I normally feel like. Maybe what I wrote at the end of yesterday's post came true and it did pass. All I know is as I write this Saturday evening, this is the first evening in almost three weeks I haven't felt tired and lethargic, having to force myself to write. I like this Bob, which is the Before Bob. And Linda is feeling better too, maybe because she isn't worrying about me.


A double yoked egg this morning. I wondered if it was unusual. Linda reminded me of a restaurant we ate at in Turkey a few years ago that only served double yoked eggs. Not sure what it meant. Whether double yoked eggs are common in Turkey, or double yoked eggs are not common in the US. Just another of those mysteries of Life.


Linda wears a magnetic bracelet on her right wrist. She has for years and before she started her right thumb hurt all the time. Believe me, I remember the way she had of expressing how she felt. In the years since she started wearing the bracelet, no more hurting. Last week it broke. She ordered a new one that had the magnets encased in titanium. I discovered the fact it was broken when I started hearing her complain about her thumb hurting.

Today the replacement bracelet arrived. It had a device to remove links to properly size it. Linda tried, she really tried to get the little pin out. When I heard her threatening to send the thing back because it didn't work I offered to try to get the pin out. I was given the opportunity, but with the warning that it wasn't going to work.

First off I set up shop right under a window with bright sun so I could see that tiny pin. Then I tried placing the bracelet in the device several different ways, discovering that it had to be in the way a left handed person would place it, plus being up side down. A little twist of the knob, a pop, and it was out. I was wise and said nothing. Linda was happy. I was happy. What a difference a day makes.

Sunday July 14 Sacramento, California

A Great Day


On rare occasions I take a photo of Linda when she doesn't want me to take a photo. The resulting photo usually displays her displeasure with what I have attempted to do. This was one of those times. Doghouse Bob.


This may have been a premonition, or it may have been a coincidence. I took a photo of the stage before church started this morning. Once the service began one of the two huge screens at the front of the church stopped working. Then the lead singer's guitar amplifier stopped working. Maybe I jinxed them, or maybe I had nothing to do with it. Just another of those mysteries of life. For those curious, the minister was wound tighter than a two dollar watch this morning and the non-working audio-visuals went unnoticed once he got going. As Linda said, it was the first time we ever heard people applauding during a prayer in our 50 plus years of attending church. Life is full of little surprises.


In the late afternoon we attended the tournament championship game that Abby's team was playing in. It was their last tournament of the summer season and they will have a few weeks off before the fall season starts. When you play at this level you play all year around. It was hot and the sun beat down, but the parents are used to it. Bring your own shade or suffer. When you spend almost every weekend all year around doing this, you are prepared and then some.


Abby started the game at second base.


When the starting pitcher got into to trouble Abby was brought in to pitch. She's a year younger than almost everyone else on the team, but when you are good, you play. I guess there is a parallel in the full time Life. If you really want to you will. If you think you might like to, you most likely won't. The old saying, nothing great was ever achieved with out great effort was never more true.

Monday July 15 Sacramento, California

A Good Day


Linda surprised me today. At the start of our walk she increased the time to 44 minutes. Then this afternoon she wasn't feeling the best. It will be interesting to see how long tomorrow mornings walk will be. My money is on 44 minutes again. That woman has no quit. Some day's not much happens. Today was one of them.

Tuesday July 16 Sacramento, California

Another Day


Look at Linda. There is something different about her. Long sleeves. Cold weather. It was 55 this morning. It is time to leave. Our time here is almost up. We will probably leave in about a week. When we came we discovered something that we needed to do. We have done it and Life is better for those we love. Now we can go. Not everyone can live the Life they would like to live, but with some help the can get turned around and see what might be.

Wednesday July 17 Sacramento, California

Abby Day


Abby's first pie. Grandma made the crust, to show her how to make it. She used an old family recipe. Abby made the filling and filled the pie. Justin looks like he can't wait to eat the pie. Connections. The past, the present and the future. Family traditions passed down. It's what Life is all about.


Abby loves to make things from duct tape. Grandma was watching Abby today while Jen and Lindsey were in San Diego at another softball camp Lindsey had been invited to. When you are a very good player they are interested in you. When you also have a 4.0 average, they are really, really interested in you.


Abby's first pie crust. I'd say it is perfect. Grandma is proud. Grandpa is proud. Mom and dad better get ready to eat pie on a regular basis.

Early on in our full time adventure we visited the area where Linda grew up, and where generations of her ancestors had lived. At that time I wrote: To know the link with the past. To experience the connection of being human. The joy of life. The spirit of individuality. The adventure goes on and on.

It is as true today as it was then. For Abby to use the same pie crust recipe as one of her many greats grandmothers did is awesome. The Thread of Life Continues.

Thursday July 18 Sacramento, California

Not Much To-Day


Sometimes the most interesting thing is seen on the morning walk. This was definitely different. No Linda as she was still watching grandkids. Hope she isn't out of shape when she comes back.


Sharknado. Sharks attack Los Angeles. In the air, on the ground and in the water. Never heard of it? It's one of those, so bad its good movies. It's on Syfy channel. It's a guilty pleasure. Since Linda isn't here I can indulge myself. Living Life Large, Awesome.

Meanwhile over with the grandkids Linda is engaging in a guilty pleasure of her own. Eating a piece of Abby's pie. What a treat for a grandma. Helping her granddaughter bake her first pie, then getting to eat a slice of it. Life just doesn't get any better.

Friday July 19 Sacramento, California

A Great Day


Somebody decided the street in front of the RV park wasn't wide enough sometime during the night.


While Linda took Abby shopping this afternoon, I got to have fun with Justin. I never have to ask him what he wants to do, he first gets out the cards and beats me at a game of high card wins. For some reason his card is always high. Then it is building blocks time. Today he built a very high tower and I got a high five. It's not what you can't do, it's what you can do that really matters.


That first pie that Abby made, well this afternoon I got to eat a piece of it. I was amazed, the crust was so flaky. It looks like the run of great cooks in the family is going to continue. Proud Grandpa.

Saturday July 20 Sacramento, California

A Nothing Day

A nothing day today. Linda went shopping. I took a walk while she was gone. Otherwise with the temperatures pushing 105 we did nothing. Some days are like that. It's what's so great about the full time Life. We're not on vacation, we're just Living Life.

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