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Friday June 21 Sacramento, California

A Unhealthy Day


Notice something different about today's morning walk photo? Linda has a big smile, but that's not what I meant. The photo is taken from inside and Linda is walking away from the coach. It's unreal but I am fighting off a summer cold. Started feeling a bit poorly last evening and this morning my voice was cracking. Linda's has me on a regimen of preventatives and curatives. It is Ms. home remedy at her best and I am feeling much better as I write this.

Upon her return from her walk, I was informed that she had set a new one mile speed record for her first mile. Unfortunately the second mile was much slower. When I asked her what happened, I was informed she got to daydreaming during the second mile. Wonder how many cars she walked in front of that she knows nothing about?


Later she took the opportunity to leave me alone, or maybe it was to get away from me, by going off on a major shopping expedition. I wasn't fearful of a large credit card bill since what she had mapped out were a number of thrift stores. I can report that upon her return the total expenditures for her late morning and early afternoon shopping excursion exceeded $2 but were less than $3. I have to think she was so busy looking she didn't have time to buy anything. Now that's my kind of woman.


Early evening and my voice now resembled shoveling gravel, the sound that is, not the feeling. That brought out Linda's thinking cap and soon we were off to the drugstore up the street for some chest congestion medicine. I wasn't sure what the gravel voice and occasional cough had to do with needing a decongestant, but long, long ago I learned that what Linda says to take when I don't feel well, will soon make me feel well.

It's days like today that remind me of our motto: "Life is not a dress rehearsal. Don't be afraid to laugh, love and retire early." Remember, we never know what the morrow will bring, and to put that thing we want to do off may mean we never get to do it.

Saturday June 22 Sacramento, California

An Improving Day


Yesterday's speedy walking woman leaving by herself once again. I was feeling much better but didn't want to pull a tigger, i.e., to become active too quickly and end up not feeling very good again. On Linda's return we discovered she had become sloth woman this morning, relatively speaking. Still, her time was excellent and she even took a new route. Pleased Linda.

Before I go any further I must print a retraction of a term I used yesterday. The family medic informed me that the over the counter medication she bought for me and had me ingest was not a decongestant, it was an expectorant. Retraction made. Satisfied Linda, hopefully.


Linda fixed breakfast once again. I don't know what she puts in the eggs but it sure is good. She claims they were just eggs, onions, sweet peppers and cheese. There is a secret ingredient in there, but I guess if she admits there is a secret ingredient and tells me what is is, it won't be a secret ingredient any more.


Wit me confined to the coach once again, it wasn't long before the urge to hit the thrift stores came over her, and saying she was only going to the Goodwill Outlet store, off she went.


It was over two hours later that she returned and I just knew this was going to be a big bucks day. It turned out I was right, but not in the way I was thinking. Today she almost doubled her expenditures to over $4. One of the items in that total was the little book she holds in her hand. She said it looked unusual, so he bought it thinking it might sell on ebay. A quick check showed that one just like it, but with a missing cover, (hers has the cover) sold for over $40. She has it listed with a starting bid already in and a number of watchers. She's going to be having fun with this one.


Lunch by Linda. It looks like she is going all out to ensure that Monday morning's weigh-in will result in a lower number that a week ago. No predictions, but the outlook is optimistic for the both of us.


Another shopping urge and she was off to Smart and Final. Back she came with huge red peppers, a half gallon of vanilla soy milk, and a one pound tin of Coleman's dry mustard. Maybe that is her secret cooking ingredient. I'll have to check the tin on occasion. Secret Agent Bob.


I'll end the day with this. Linda found this silver ring laying in the street during her walk this morning. As she said, someone got mad at someone. A little search of our friend google brought forth the following. To find a ring is a sign of peace of mind if it be silver. What a day she had, a book worth a good bit of money, a pound of Coleman's Mustard, a silver ring and peace of mind. Lucky Bob to be blessed with Linda. Lucky Linda, that she has been able to put up with me all these years. As I've always pointed out to her, a good day with me is better than a bad day with me. and with that bit of profound wisdom I'll call it a day.

Sunday June 23 Sacramento, California

An Improved Day


Yesterday's slow walking woman leaving with me this morning. I was not better, but I was feeling much better. Linda said we were going to walk slow. Sloth woman was somewhere else because our speed was right in there with what it normally is.

We did have one problem, we were so into walking that we walked right by one of our turn around points and ended up circling an extra block. There are some things that you just can't explain, this was one of them.


Linda fixed breakfast once again. And I still don't know what she puts in the eggs but it sure makes them taste great. She claims they were eggs, onions, sweet peppers and cheese just like yesterday. Sure Dear, I'll just bet that's all you put in them. There is a secret ingredient in there, and I plan to find out what it is. James Bond Bob.


There are some people who think we always arrive at church at the very last minute, or even after the service has started. Not true and this will prove it. I took this photo of one of the screens just as we arrived in our seats. See, we were there a whole minute and eleven seconds before the service began.


Not everyone goes to church, far from it, and not everyone is religious, but I'd have to think that whatever your attitude, had you been present this morning when Kevin ripped into the song that George Beverly Shea made the theme of the Bill Graham Crusades, you'd have been on your feet clapping and singing just like we all were. How Great Thou Art, the pounding of the drums, the driving of the guitar gone wild, the gravelly vocals belted out, the congregation wouldn't let him stop. No choir in robes and the minister in a suit for us. YMMV.


Well, there's one secret that isn't a secret anymore. Setting up in a hidden location, I was able to learn what it was that gives Linda's salad dressing that spicy taste in the back of the mouth. Unfortunately I won't be able to tell anyone what it was or it won't be Linda's secret ingredient anymore. At least I know what it is.


It was as good as it looks.


Terrible nasty weather here tonight. It actually rained, can you believe it. It was enough to wet the street, too. It is not supposed to rain here in the summer, but when the temperatures only got up to the low 70's today we knew what was going to happen. Cold weather and showers, it's getting time to move one to someplace better, which is what we plan to do in a couple of weeks if everything here works out like it appears. Life is Great!

Monday June 24 Sacramento, California

A Nothing Day


We do not walk in some idyllic park or along a beautiful walking path. One look at the photo and you can see that dumpsters are part of out morning route. One thing about this morning's walk was different from normal. Check out Linda's top. Long sleeves, it is cold and that means more rain.

Short post today. I still have that pesky cold and Linda is hinting I might have given it to her. Not much in the way of interesting things going on in our lives today, but sometimes just kicking back and taking it easy is the best thing to do. Smart Bob. Healthy Linda, hopefully.


Linda wasn't responsible for the tomatoes. She even agreed with me that they couldn't even be called tomatoes in name only. They didn't deserve to be called anything but garbage. Hard, juiceless and tasteless, they are what the growers, the shippers and the grocers want, a tomato that ships well and doesn't go bad. They even give cardboard a bad name.


Evening. Linda did it again. She go rid of the last of those worthless tomatoes, but it what she did to the cod and green beans that had me asking for more. Unfortunately there wasn't any more of either, but we will be having it again in the future. And on that note ends the day. Like I said in the beginning, it was a nothing day.

Tuesday June 25 Sacramento, California

A Nap A Day


For all I know, Linda may have set aside a few of those rock hard, juiceless, tasteless tomatoes to give to the girls to use as balls when they take softball batting practice. If you think a softball is soft you're wrong, they are very very hard. Anyway, she has let me know these were the last of those tomatoes. I was so tired of eating them that I almost couldn't get them down. No walk for either of us, still just not feeling all that good.


Tonight was the night. Self photo by Linda. Huge smile. Happy girl. It may have only been a half a glass of gin and tonic, but it was all hers. First one in three weeks. Her Life is good.

The nap a day in the title referred to me. I decided not to get up at my usual wake up time this morning and fell back asleep until 5am. That should have told me something. This afternoon Linda went shopping and I fell asleep on the couch. Me take a nap? Unheard of. But I did, and not just a little nap, one that lasted from 1:30 until after 4 when Linda returned.

The coach door is difficult to impossible to open unless you know how. I do. When Linda came back her first attempt to open the door ended in failure. She knocked on the door. No response. She banged on the door. No response. She came around to the side of the coach where I sit and tapped on the window. No response. Finally she gave up on me and managed to open the door herself. The door opening must have awakened me, because I looked at her as she came up the steps, she started to say something to me and I promptly fell back asleep.

So I will leave you with a question: If a woman complains to a man when the man is asleep is she really complaining?

Wednesday June 26 Sacramento, California

A Day


Linda was a happy girl this morning. For the first time in three weeks we had something other than eggs for breakfast. I could say it was because we were low on eggs and out of egg whites, but I believe it had more to do with her just wanting something different. This is an old standby, blueberries, Uncle Sam cereal and plain yogurt. Not for everyone but we like it, especially with good greek yogurt.

Linda did get a little bit of shopping in the late morning, but otherwise she did exactly what I did for the remainder of the day, which was not much. She's started coughing some, but nothing like what I have been through so hopefully at the worst she have a mild case of what I have. Mine keeps changing, no more dryish cough, now it is a gooey mess, which is probably too much info. We figured out the last time I had something remotely like this was in 2010, so I can see a long stretch of health and happiness once I get over it. Life is, good and getting better.

Thursday June 27 Sacramento, California

A Really Different Day


Linda was sitting down when I asked her the question. She looked at at me with a puzzled expression, and asked, "Why"? Now I was the one who was puzzled. Didn't she understand what I had asked? It turned out that I was so hoarse and Linda had just gotten out of bed and so wasn't all there herself, that she thought I had asked about going to bed at 7. No wonder she looked puzzled.

What I had said was, "I need to go to Med 7, they open at nine o'clock." I can understand why she likely wouldn't have comprehended what I said, even if she had been awake. It has been at least 25 years since I have gone to a doctor because I was sick. In fact neither one of us remember just when it was. I just don't get sick, and even when I do, I normally heal extremely quickly. Not with what it is that I have this time though.


As I was examined and the doctor talked about my symptoms, I learned I had done a wise thing by going in today. Coughing, and other symptoms with a fever, okay. Coughing with a fever appearing after a week or so, not good at all. The best news was that I don't have pneumonia, though it may not have been far off. It was decided that a low dose of antibiotic would be the best approach just in case pneumonia was developing. While I really don't like doing medicine unless it is really needed, I had no problem with this.

There was also a prescription for codine cough syrup, so between the two I expect to be back to normal sometime early next week. I felt better most of the day, though I know much of that was just mental. Tonight I have been coughing, just not as much as I have been. Hopefully I will sleep through the night and feel much improved in the morning. Linda also had her cough check out, but it was nothing they could do anything for. That fact did make her feel much better in it's self. Don't expect much in the way of posts for the next three of four days.

Friday June 28 Sacramento, California

A Better Day


Hot day today. Smart wife. Heat outside, not inside. Beef smothered in salsa, cooked for hours in the crock pot.


As I said, it was really hot today. And it's supposed get a lot hotter tomorrow.


Linda had to get her Zachary fix today. That lead to, "I'm taller than you are grandma," which led to a photo comparison. Zach was right.

Health update. Feeling better already, no extreme tiredness this afternoon and evening like has been the case. Maybe the fact I took three long naps today had something to do with it. I did have my usual bad stretch of coughing after I got up this morning, but haven't coughed very much at all since then. If I can get to sleep without the usual evening stretch of coughing I'll know it is just a matter of time till I'm as good as new. Even Linda was feeling better today, maybe in part because she wasn't worried about me anymore, and now I won't be worrying about her. Life, it just gets better and better.

Saturday June 29 Sacramento, California

A Much Better Day


This photo of breakfast should tell you that I feel much improved, not better, but definitely much improved. Still not doing anything and neither is Linda, but there is nothing wrong with doing nothing when you actually don't have to do anything.


As I wrote yesterday, today was supposed to be hotter than yesterday, and it was. Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. Since we are not going anywhere it shouldn't matter. Interesting how it takes being sick to appreciate the good health we normally have and so take for granted. One thing I have learned is that a number of the cable channels seem to repeat the same shows over and over all day long. Can't wait to get my usual Life back, and by the way I feel tonight, it should only be a couple of more days at the most. Happy Bob. Even Happier Linda.

Sunday June 30 Sacramento, California

Sun Day


This is why many RVers who write blogs only write when they travel. I know I sound like a broken record with these posts, but we are not doing anything, we don't want to talk because it just makes us cough more, and by the time rolls around when I normally write, I don't have much energy left. The wonderful thing is that each of those reasons is diminishing day by day as we mend.

I do have to brag about the lunch I fixed for Linda. She has done a fantastic job of fixing tasty food even though my appetite hasn't always been the best over the past week. Today I took over the cooking from her so she can get some extra rest and get over what it is that she has. Deserving Linda.


How Linda looked much of the day. There was no way we were going outside after our morning's abbreviated walk. The high was 114.3 and at 7:30pm tonight it was still 100.1. The next four days are supposed to be even hotter. There appears to be a lot more of what we did today in our immediate future.

That meant more TV time, but today we discovered a couple of shows that we really liked. Drop Dead Diva has been on since 2009 and we have never watched it. I confess to having heard the title mentioned, but thought it was some type of reality drivel. It wasn't that at all. Lawyers, switched identities, great chemistry between the cast members. The second one was Devious Maids. Linda is hooked big time, with me not far behind. No more Ladies of Wisteria Lane? No problem, Devious Maids makes them easy to forget.

Guess I have just eaten some crow regarding what I wrote about cable channels showing the same thing over and over. It's like living in a house, the view never changes. Live in a house with wheels and you never know what surprises are in store. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Don't be afraid to laugh, love and retire early.

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