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Tuesday May 21 Sacramento, California

A Puzzling Day


A few days ago there was a trailer in this site. Then there wasn't. Now we wonder where it went and when it is coming back. It is one of the things that happens in the full time Life. For now it is like one of those interlocking rings puzzles. There is an answer, it's just that we don't know what it is. Then again, does it really matter?


This afternoon Linda pointed out, in the way only she can, that I have been less than pleasant the past week or so. That got me to thinking, and I realized she was right. So what to do? How about going back to the future so speak, since the future is definitely going to be different from the past. Time to dust off our Mastermind game and reinstitute the daily hour of relaxation. The only problem was dusting off my brain when it came to solving the riddle of the four little pegs.


I must have lost a bunch of brain cells in the past year or two, because Linda put a real whopping on me every game. Looking at it the right way, I guess I really am pretty smart since I married such a brilliant woman. Still, I would like to win a game once in a while. At least there is always tomorrow. Hopeful Bob.


Linda loves getting the mail out of the mail box. Very early on she taught me that she, and only she, is the one to get the mail. Not me, not the kids, only Linda. She really must have been deprived in this area as a child. We get mail in the mailbox at the park. The mail we get is always junk mail. Linda gets the junk mail out of the box. Linda looks at the junk mail. Linda tosses it in the trash. Linda saves steps by doing everything, getting the mail, reading the mail and tossing the mail into the trash without ever moving. Smart Linda.

Bob watched Linda toss the mail. Bob remembered that tomorrow is trash day. Bob put the trash can out to the curb. Bob will not have to make the mad dash at 6:28 to put out the trash can tomorrow morning. Amazing how once you become a full timer your priorities undergo a major change. At the end of the day, it looked like I might have poked my nose out of the dog house, and if that's progress, I'll take it.

Wednesday May 22 Sacramento, California

An Abby Day


Good Bob. The trash was out, no terrible looking monster sticking her head into the front room just before 6:30 this morning. I done good if I do say so!


It's a standard weekly joke. Or at least it is a joke as far as I am concerned, though Linda may differ as to how she looks at it. We take vitamins daily. Take vitamins for seven days and the vitamin container becomes devoid of vitamins. This was one of those days. "Guess what, it's a bad day." Glares and growls are coming at me. I turn away and smile. Some things are just too funny. Whenever this day happens, it is one of them. Bob, who will say no more in order to preserve life, limb and happiness.


This is not what happens when Linda gets mad at me, or I don't think it's what happens. This is the third time in the past seven months that we have had to have our trash can repaired or replaced. They say the third time's a charm, so here's hoping all our trash cans from now on will be good trash cans. And you thought you had problems.


Our granddaughter Abby had her school open house and concert tonight. One of the things on display was a book of poems she had written. Abby is one of those kids who gets bored in AP classes because they are so easy. That aside, the third line of that poem expresses what a wonderful person she is.


Before the concert.


During the concert.


Mom at the concert wishing under a star.


Beautiful females just come naturally in our family.

Thursday May 23 Sacramento, California

A Lindsey Day


Linda went shopping this morning which stretched into early afternoon. Linda came back with several bags of groceries along with other things she had bought. There were grocery items that needed to be put away. Linda also had three packages delivered from Amazon. Did Linda put away the food when she came home or did she open the packages from Amazon? Linda knows what is important. Bob knows to put away the groceries. Smart Bob. Smart Linda.


There was a Rec league all-star softball game tonight. That umpire sure looks familiar. Wow, it's our granddaughter Lindsey. Is there anything she doesn't do? I think not. She plays, she umpires, she helps coach and she wins awards. Way to go girl, you rock.


There's no doubt what that pitch was. STRIKE!!


When Lindsey plays, she wears her game face. It looks like when she umps, she wears her umpires game face. Not bad at all for someone who just turned fifteen last month.


And one more, just because she looks and does so good.


Meanwhile down below where the volleyball courts are, Justin was enjoying himself. Abby practices softball here two nights a week. There are always pick-up volleyball games going on and the players have adopted Justin to the point Jen doesn't have to watch him because they do. They've made him just as much a player as they are, it's just that his job is to watch, laugh and be the number one fan. They even make sure he is in the circle when they count off to pick teams. Then he changes which court he goes to, just as they do. Sometimes it is a little thing you do that makes a big impact in another's Life. And it makes you a better person for having done it.


Linda has been looking for a new phone. Who better to ask than a user you can really trust. It's looking like there is going to be an iPhone in Linda's future.


What can I say? We like Arby's. And so ends another great day.

Friday May 24 Sacramento, California

A Great Nothing Day

For Linda and I it was pretty much a nothing day. We did some things, but nothing worth writing about. Think of it as a day of rest between the last two nights of Abby and Lindsey, and tomorrow being a full day of softball games for both girls. With luck we will bring then luck and they will both win the games we attend.

A careful observer would notice the title of today's post included the word great. So what was with that? Great refers to how our friends, Pat and Sharon were feeling today as they spent their first day enjoying the full time Life. Don't ever doubt it, good things do happen to good people. And if you doubt it, all you have to do is know Pat and Sharon, two of the very nicest people on this earth, then see their smile as they drive down the road, houseless, but not homeless. Full timers are the greatest!

Saturday May 25 Sacramento, California

A Softball Day


Both girls have three day tournaments this weekend. Today was our day to watch them play. Lindsey usually catches, but in the second game today she got a breather, and played third base. The terms vacuum cleaner glove and rifle arm come to mind to describe her.


At the plate she got on base every at bat this game. I managed to catch the ball after it had exploded off her bat in this one. I can only marvel at her bat speed, try as I might I could not get a photo of the bat hitting the ball.


Got to love that major league smile!


Later in the day and miles away, more softball, this time with Abby. Like her sister, she doesn't stand at the plate with the bat resting on her shoulder while the pitcher throws strikes. The ball comes in the strike zone, she's going to hit it. It's fun watching grandchildren play so well. It also is bad for my shirts as my buttons keep popping off.

Sunday May 26 Sacramento, California

A Sun-day


A wonderful time at Church this morning. Fantastic music, and inspiring message and we got to share it with Meg and Zachary.

How many people go through life thinking that someday they will live their dream. That someday they will do that something special. That they have all the time in the world to do what it is they hope to do. Then they find out that life was not a dress rehearsal. That it is too late to live their dream. Don't let that be you. We took a chance and have never looked back. Life is as good as it gets. The thing is to get on living Life.

Because of the sacrifice of those who gave their lives so we might live in freedom. Because of those who we honor this Memorial Day weekend. To them we owe doing our best to live the Life they gave us the opportunity to live. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Don't be afraid to laugh, love and retire early.

Monday May 27 Sacramento, California

Memorial Day


Another day, another softball game. It was 8am and we were at a softball game. It's our chance to watch the girls play because in not too many weeks we will be traveling once again. So watch them we do.


A disclaimer here. We watched a total of 3 games this holiday weekend while the girls played a total of 13 game. Abby played six and Lindsey seven. It's called serious softball, and it is amazing just how good many of these girls are.


Linda likes these photos of Lindsey batting. The fence forming a frame and the ball in the photo. Good Bob.


On the way back from the game we took time to do something we have tried to do every Memorial Day over the years, visit a cemetery. Having lived all our life together, away from where we grew up and where our families are buried, we visit the graves of others. And maybe their descendants live elsewhere and can't visit their graves. Everyone has special things they do, this is one of ours.


When I took this photo it was for a reason. Now that it is time to post it, the reason escapes me. Hey, if I was perfect I would be just like Linda wants me to be. I guess we'll just have to make do with only one perfect person in the family. You won't find me complaining.

Tuesday May 28 Sacramento, California

A Linda Day


The flower child was at it again today. The need for packaging tape led us to walk over to Office Max. The sweet smell of Gardenias beckoned Linda, not to the entrance of the store, but rather to the wall of fragrance. I could smell them from where I took this photo. Sweet flowers for a sweet girl. Life is good.


We continue to investigate all-in-one printers. We still don't know what we will buy. We still don't know when Linda will get so mad at out current printer that it goes in the trash. Our current printer will soon need a black ink cartridge. Will it be a new cartridge or a new printer. Only Linda knows and I for one am not about to ask what it will be. Smart Bob.


In many places clouds like these are an ordinary happening. Having lived in the land of either clear blue skies or gray skies for so long, sights like this are something to look at and say, "Wow, look at the pretty clouds." It's a big world out there and what you are used to seeing isn't necessarily what others are used to seeing.


My wife likes apricots. Wrong. My wife loves apricots and this should prove it. Actually she bought the small can. She didn't say it but I imagine it was because if she had bought the big can she would have eaten the whole thing and suffered a bad tummy ache. Smart Linda.


Linda obviously likes to think big. As she says, "$5 for a little jar of prepared Coleman's mustard or $10 for this huge tin of mustard flour we can use by itself or mix with water to make prepared mustard. Before we leave we will buy one of these tins." As the famous saying goes, "You can take the girl away from the land of her ancestors in Norwich, England, but you can't take the love of Norwich's mustard from the girl."

Don't be afraid to laugh, love and retire early. Life is too short to do otherwise.

Wednesday May 29 Sacramento, California

A Food Day


The title of today's Daily Journal is "A Food Day" and that is exactly what this is, food. Linda has followed this website that shows baby eagles since mama eagle was sitting on three eggs. Now they have hatched, and it is time to eat eaglet meals. Today a fish appeared in the nest and mama tore bits of fish off and fed them to the eaglets. It isn't for everyone, but it sure is interesting. For those who like seeing fish, small rodents and birds being torn apart and fed to young eagles, the link is And now you know why, when Linda says jump, I don't ask how high, I just jump as high as I can and hope it was high enough.


Notice the beautiful young blonde with the big smile. Ever wonder why she would have such a smile? It's because she has realized she had put her top on inside out. That lead to a quick strip and reversal, putting the top back on right side out. My camera skills were slow or we could have had a very interesting photo of Linda in today's Journal. It's probably best since had I been able to actually take that photo, it's unlikely I would have survived what would have followed at the hands of my sweet wife. Fortunate Bob.


Linda was out today. Linda stopped at Sam's Club today. Linda saw salmon on sale at Sam's Club today. Linda called me about the salmon on sale at Sam's. i agreed that salmon grilled for dinner was something we wanted. Linda bought the salmon. Linda brought the salmon home. Good Linda.


Bob cut off a piece of the salmon a got it ready to grill. Bob began to grill the zucchini and salmon. Linda was left with the job of bagging the rest of the salmon. Linda does not touch raw fish. Linda has never touched raw fish. Linda will die having never touched raw fish. Linda used tongs to place the fish in the ziplok bags. Linda glared at Bob. Bob smiled at Linda. Linda glared, then giggled. Life is like that. It isn't perfect, but it sure is better than the alternative.

As Marilyn Monroe said "The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space. Note to self: Next time she brings home raw fish try looking at the fish and smiling. Maybe then she won't be so pissed off at you when you don't put the fish in bags to freeze.

Thursday May 30 Sacramento, California

A Good Day

I don't write about all that happens in our Life. I don't write about 90% of what happens in our Life. In a past life today is, plus or minus a few days, 50 years from the day when I graduated from high school. It is also exactly 90 days until the day of my 50th high school reunion. Can you guess what that means? Have you attended your 40th or 50th reunion? Think growth in body measurements since that day in May of 1963. Divide that number seen on the scale by 90. It is a seemingly impossible goal. Yet goals such as this have been met throughout history. Maybe I can meet my weight loss goal. Note to Bob: Better to have tired and failed than not to have tried at all. Glad this only happens once in a Lifetime!


The above paragraph didn't fall under the Good Day title, but the above photo sure did. a few years ago we made a major mistake and bought a Kodak printer. It has been the closest thing to a piece of junk while still barely functioning that one could imagine. It truly is no wonder why they went out of business. Whoever was running that company was a total idiot and is a shame that the rank and file employees had to pay the price while the executives walked away with huge amounts of money.

Be that as it may, we decided that the people who know how to make printers that really work are American companies, so today we bought a Canon wireless printer that said it was made by Canon America in Vietnam. It was a MX452, and if I may say so, we really, really did good this time. We actually wanted to spend our money on an HP printer, yet the more we read, the more we compared, the more it became apparent that this Canon printer was exactly what we wanted, both from the standpoint of price and performance. The Internet is truly a wonderful tool when used to its fullest.

Linda called me from Sam's Club yesterday to say they had it priced substantially under the under stores we had checked. That meant she bought it. Today was "I" day. Otherwise known as Installation Day. Open the box, follow the directions. Have problems, but not because of the printer. Check the Internet, find out how to use our Linksys router as the printer direction said. Push the blue button. Wait 5 seconds. Push the OK button on the printer. Go to the install printer function on our computers. Use the Canon CD to install the drivers. See the printer on the computer. Print wirelessly from both computers. Realize how easy it was. Remembered how the Kodak and HP printers we had in the past said we could set them up this way, but we couldn't. Now understand why Canon printers have such outstanding reviews. Now understand why HP is having problems. It's a big world, either make a great product or die. As Linda so aptly put it, no wires, no problems, we should have bought a Canon printer years ago. And I totally agree.


Part of Living this Life is doing the laundry. At the RV park we are presently staying at, they have several clothes lines. There is nothing that is better than climbing into bed at night and having fresh smelling sheets. At least it is when a certain age is reached. Life is what you make it. It's a shame that so many people make Life far less than it could be.

Friday May 31 Sacramento, California

An Apple A Day


Guess who finally decided to give up their dumb phone and get a smart phone? Guess which smart phone that person decided to get? She didn't need the latest and greatest, so it was the 4s variety that went into her basket. Now the fun begins.


It's one thing to hold it in your hand and admire your new purchase. It's an entirely different thing to learn how to use it. Note the pursed lips of this woman. They didn't stay that way, and you should have heard some of the words that were coming out of them some time later. I offered my help but was told to "JUST STAY AWAY!"

Like any raging inferno, after awhile it runs out of fuel and begins to die down. I was eventually able to help her and got a huge smile as my reward. Now that she knows how to turn it on, she can start using it.

Just kidding, believe me, just kidding. We were able to get her email set up which she said was enough for now. Linda's happy, Bob's happy. I will say that this iPhone is many, many times better, as in faster and easier than the Droid I use. Is there one in my future? Not really, mine does what I want, it works and that's good enough for me. Besides if I need fast and flashy I can always borrow hers for a few minutes. Smart Bob.


I hadn't realized just how fitting this photo was until I really looked at it. Linda's desk, new phone, two knives, and knife sharpener. I know now that when she is trying to set up her phone I had better not make any wrong remarks, or for that matter, say anything. I'll just call it nipping Bob's comments in the bud. Or how about cutting off Bob's comments. My lips are sealed.<. /p>


Just to prove we did not have to put our "HUGE" new fantastic Canon printer back in the closet to find a place big enough to store it, it fit in the same spot the worthless piece of junk Kodak printer was in. We did discover one small problem, and it wasn't with the quality of the printing which is the best we have ever seen. Too bad someone who uses a Canon didn't recommend one to us long ago.

The problem was that it seems Linda's eyesight isn't what it used to be, even though she claims it is that the screen is in the wrong spot and way smaller than the one on the worthless Kodak piece of junk. Since we keep the printer beside her computer, I've said on more than one occasion that I should build a pull out shelf there. Maybe it is finally going to happen, or maybe she will learn where the buttons are so he can do it by feel. Maybe this is a case of he who hesitates doesn't have to build a shelf.


In the evening we went to dinner with a former co-worker from my past life and his wife Later we spent time in their backyard. Talk about a water feature, this one is really huge. But beyond size, it is absolutely stunning, and not only in how colorful it is, how artistic it is, but also how peaceful it is. All that said, it is really missing one thing, there were no fish. But then again it wasn't my pond, and I didn't have to dig it.

In parting, notice that I was able to achieve one of my long held desires, I got to post a bu## shot!! And just to prove what a nice guy I truly am, I won't post Carl's name so no one will know who the photo was of.

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