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March 9 Monday

Just another day in Puerto Penasco, even though we will be leaving in just a couple of days. It hardly seems like we have been here for six weeks already, as time certainly does fly by when you're having fun. The main item today will be once again what it has been for many of the days since we arrived, more research on our trip to Europe. It can't be all work and no play however, and such was the case with Linda.

As usual she got to play around while I fixed breakfast. Not anything special, a scrambled egg, a fresh grapefruit, sliced poblano peppers and papaya. Linda had made the huckleberry muffins several days ago, so we each had one this morning. It's not that we are going back to North American cooking just yet, it had more to do with the fact we needed to get those huckleberries used by our departure date when we shut down the freezer.

I know it is probably a big disappointment to a few readers, buy there are no photos of that meal. However, and there is always one of those "howeveres", we did go shopping at the Super Ley. Bought a couple of bottles of hot sauce, a papaya, a grapefruit,some tomatoes and avocados. Just enough to get us through Wednesday morning when we will be leaving.

Shopping bag

That meant that for the first time we did not stop by the vegetable market for anything. We both prefer the market to the Super Ley, which is somewhat analogous to shopping at a farmers market versus a supermarket in the states. Not exactly the same thing, but close enough. We are sure what we are going to do when we get back to the states and have to buy that great looking but so-so tasting produce once again. Another thing we will not be finding is avocados at this price. Since they sell they by the kilo, which weighs 2.2 pounds it is difficult to compare prices to what we normally pay. Linda has done a little averaging and it comes out to between .20 and .25 cents apiece in American money.

Outside there was a change in the air. The wind was blowing and the waves were definitely up. Of course that is all relative, which meant it was picture perfect out there. It wasn't long before Linda was playing photographer, a burden she has taken on bigtime since my camera case came apart during that wild party night on the boat out in the bay.

Bay view

That's the old town in the background where you see that rocky point jutting out of the Sea of Cortes. It is also spring break, which means the college kids are out and about, plus many families with young ones have also come down. That doesn't mean the place is crowded to any extent. The view up the beach in the other direction shows what I mean.

Beach view

Never is anything exactly as it seems and the beach was no exception. Looking directly out gave a third interpretation of just how crowded the beach was.

Beach bums

Of course you have to realize the more senior the citizens of Canada and the US who are here, the less likely they are to be out in this windy 70° weather. With all the time we have, we can wait until it is nice to go out on the beach. Which is exactly what it has been most days that we have been here, very nice indeed. In fact, with all that time on our hands and all these inventive mature minds around, it is no wonder that unique apparatus make their way onto the scene.

Steaming antenna

Take the silver colored object at the roofline of a nearby motorhome. We are at the very northern end of Playa Bonita RV Park, meaning those who are using the parks wifi system have a signal so faint that a bloodhound would hard pressed to pick it up. A little wire, a standard wifi antenna from the back of a unit, add one of those vegetable steamer thingy's, point it at the condo complex next door and picking up a signal is no problem what-so-ever. And you thought that kids were the only ones who could come up with this stuff.

To close out the day we enjoyed tortillas stuffed with cilantro chicken, pablano peppers, avocado, tomato and onions. Plus there was homemade beans and rice on the side. I must confess it was a meal we bought, though it wasn't a restaurant meal. You see, there is one thing that we don't try to cook for ourselves, and that is those unbelievably good tortillas we buy from the little tortillaria just up from the Super Ley. They are not only fresh made, they are so hot I can hardly carry the package back to the Explorer, needing to shift it from hand to hand to keep from burning myself.

Fresh tortillas

The key to just how good they are is that soon as we are back at the coach, which is less than five minutes after buying them, the first thing we do is eat one. The feel, the texture, the smell, the aroma, the taste, the nectar of the gods, it's what makes our travels so wonderful. it is the reason we live Life with a capital L. Bet you've already figured out we are coming back down to Mexico again next year, after all, some things are just to good to miss.

March 10 Tuesday

Our last full day before we head back to the states, and our schedule for the day is just like most other people in this situation. We are going to have the coach and Explorer washed and waxed. Yesterday they let us know the start time would be 8 this morning, but when I went outside shortly after 7 AM to move the Explorer, their ladders and buckets were already set up, and shortly afterward the process started.

It's one of those cases that if this is what you do, you get good at it, and what took place was no exception. They start on the roof, wash the entire coach and rinse it off. Go do the same thing on the next RV, then return to dry ours off.

Wash and dry

The sign up sheet listed six RVs getting the same treatment today, and it looked like we were one of the first. They hadn't come back to start waxing the coach yet, but looking outside we could see the Explorer was already done. I've got to say that it may be 16 years old, it may have been parked outside for most of it's life, but when it is washed and waxed, it still looks pretty good.

Washed and waxed

Then the triple team showed up and Turtle Waxed our home, and to say they were the model of efficiency would be an understatement. They may be fast, but they are also very good at what they do. We've been watching this take place on a daily basis for almost 6 weeks now, so knew what to expect. They are excellent at communicating how and when they are going to do the job. Keep you updated as the process unfolds. And do a very good job that not only looks good, it is good.

Wax on, wax off

The cost, $15 to wash and wax the Explorer, $1.50 a foot to wash and wax the coach, and an additional $6 to wash the roof of the coach. Throw in a nice tip and it was a very good deal. Have to admit the coach sure does shine. Now if Linda will just realize that a little soap, water, wax and elbow grease on her part every month or so would keep it looking like this, how nice the coach would look all the time. [Editor's comment--What about some help Bob?]

Shining bright

Another thing that is different at the RV Park is the makeup of the people. With this being the first of the two, so called spring break weeks, the average age in the park has dropped. The number of ATV's has gone from a little more than none, to droves of them. Usually they are parked around in a group around several toyhauler type trailers, that you find scattered thoughout what is pretty much a deserted RV park. All the different caravans have packed up and left, leaving huge areas of the park without a single RV. Tomorrow will find us joining the exodus, but for tonight, we shall once again enjoy the warm weather and pleasant surroundings.

It's hard to believe the time has flown by so quickly, seeming like only yesterday we arrived with those twelve other RVs that made up our little caravan. At the end of that week everyone had reasons to head back across the border, but I have to wonder whether any of them will do things differently next time, maybe just staying on a while longer to enjoy life at a different pace. Yet maybe that is what is so wonderful about this Life, each of us can choose to live it the way we want. And should we decide to do something different, well then, there is always next time. Funny how we now find ourelves saying, next time we will, rather than, I wish we would have. Life, lived everyday with a capital L.

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