Nov 12    Ever since we returned from our vacation we have been talking about how much we enjoy being out in the RV. We both work at jobs that become very high stress between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. The more we have talked about the future and retirement in the summer of 2007, the question has come up, could we buy our retirement coach sooner than the spring of 07.  We really liked the quality of the Monaco Corp coaches we saw being made at the plant, so we decided to run down the the local Monaco dealer and really look closely at what they had to offer in new coaches as opposed to the used coaches we had been looking at in the past. The saleman we had been talking to during our many visits over the last several years was half joking with us about making us an offer we couldn't refuse on a new coach just to stop us from coming down so often. It really got us to thinking about where we were going with our lives.

Nov 13    We spent hours today dicussing our various options with our life and the RV that would allow us to live it the way we want. The result is we are very close to making a decision on which coach we want. We've still got to get answers to questions on some new options on the 2006 coaches, but we will most likely be getting either a triple slide Diplomat or Endeavor.

Nov 18-20    More visits to the RV dealer with more discussions pertaining to options, including my crawling inside the coaches bays for some measurements so Linda could check on the plastic storage containers we would use to store our things. Isn't it interesting how she wanted the measurements, so I ended up doing the crawling inside the bays to get them! One other thing we checked on was wall space as we have a number of pictures we would like to hang.
Nov 22-23    Several emails and phone calls with the dealer to get info on the new coach. We just seem to keep thinking of additional information we need. As Linda so aptly puts it. "We don't want any surprises on the coach we get!"

Nov 26    After much debate and discussions on the last two options we had been considering, we finalized what we want on our new coach. The sense of relief is awesome. We have been a little over four years arriving at this point. Four years and 5 weeks since we started our quest to be exact. Time to request prices and see if it truly is an offer we couldn't refuse!   

Nov 27     Still negotiating on the price of the RV we like best.  It seems strange after investing literally years of our time in selecting the RV of our Dreams that the final seconds seem to drag out for ever!

Nov 29    Hooray!!! The deal is done, the deposit is made and the papers are signed!!!!! Got a good deal on a wonderful coach from a great dealer. How could we ask for more? Now we've just got to learn to be patient until it arrives. It is a 2006 Holiday Rambler 38' PST. Will try to get a web
page up that will give the particulars on it.
This is like being a kid again, or as Scrooge said, with apologies, "We feel giddy as kids, again!"